Best App For Tasks and Reminders

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What apps/software do you all use to enter tasks and get reminders? I'm looking for something that will sync with my Galaxy phone and Windows 8 (soon to be 10) PC. I'd like the reminders to pop up on both. If there's one that will smack me across the face and tell me to get it done even better. Just kidding, I don't need that much reminder but you get the picture. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

@Sean White

Hey Sean! From everything I read each CRM system is about the same give or take a few details. I personally use ZOHO. I had to watch a few youtube videos to teach myself how to customize it to my wholesaling business, but it only took a couple hours. I couldn't imagine doing business without it! 

You can also get Podio to send you task reminders based on each lead you have in the system. I also use the built-in task lists and reminders in my gmail.

Hi Sean, I'm very interested in finding out the same thing! I currently use Buildium for my real estate "tasks", but to blend that with my personal reminders, seems near impossible. 

I just use google calendar.  I get it on my phone as well as whatever computer I'm logged into (as long as Chrome is up and running).  It pings my phone and pops up a box on my computer to let me know of an appointment.

Tasks can be a bit clunky, but I use them as attached to google calendar as a To-Do list.  I haven't figured out how to drag and drop a task onto a calendar like you can with Outlook, but it still works ok for me.

i have spent too much time on this exact topic.  Evernote is great but takes a lot of time crafting and is not the best for collaborative work.   That said, Wunderlist is the best thing since sliced bread.   Not only is it simple to setup but you can also delegate task, set priorties and also chat on each particular task to whomever it is assigned to.  You can also upload any docs associated with each task and it also notifies each person when a new task or comment is assigned.  

I am a huge fan of Trello. It works well as a to-do/ project management software. It is completely free and has a really great mobile and desktop interface. Works well with teams too.