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Just curious if anyone has tried this service. I'm in the process of converting my Primary Residence into a vacation rental, and this would solve a major logistic issue I have with granting access to the house.

i don't know but I will chime in and say avoid Resort Lock. I had them in 2 rentals and the broke in less than 2 years. 

Good luck with your endeavor. Big money to be made vacation renting. 

Hi Robert, 

I am considering ResortLock's new product; RemoteLock for a couple rental properties. 

I wanted to ask, who do you use for key-less vacation rental solutions?



Parakeet, CodeBox, Kabra Oracode, Kwikset, & PointCentral are also all good options!

In case anyone has been following this post, I really have nothing to say. They sent me the wrong lock type that wouldn't fit my door, and still haven't sent me a retrofit for it. Meanwhile, I've been using Schlage locks with Z-wave, with decent reliability. With the number of products coming out for electronic locks, I really don't see the need to bother with services such as these.

If anyone is using Codebox I would like to hear if your having problems. I was introduced to their system last year at a conference. Now I'm in need & they do not respond to phone or email messages. Going on a week now. Anyone following this post that can comment on Codebox or other electronic type lock box. Thanks.

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