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I recently created my website to capture motivated seller leads. I have been doing PPC but virtually all of my traffic leaves the site after landing on the home page (one page view).

Today I added a link on home page today that says: "Read how investors calculate an offer price." It directs you here.

Curious to get any thoughts on this? My guess is that the link will get clicks, but do you think this tactic will be more likely to convert leads, i.e., will they fill out the form if they are more engaged? Or, am I revealing too much information?

What are you guys doing on your website to convert traffic into leads?

What is your conversion rate, or, said differently, what percentage of visitors fill out your form?

I would think that link would do more harm than good. They are going to think that you're only giving them 70% of what its worth. 

That was my concern as well. I guess I need to provide the next logical am I different than a typical investor.

The calculation looks great, but here is the thing - your visitors don't care. The only thing your visitors care is if you have a solution to their problem. To do that you have to 1) identify their problem. 2) convince them you are the guy who can solve their problems. 

Also, I will guess most of your visitors are motivated by emotions not by logic. So explain numbers doesn't work too well in that case. 

Hey @Matthew Atkinson I do this for a living. PPC for real estate properties. Your site is actually really nice but for PPC conversion you need some changes. While my recommendations below may seem non-intuitive to designers, I set this up all the time for my clients and am constantly testing with a lot of money.

  1. 1. NEVER send PPC clicks to your homepage, unless you have money to burn.
  2. 2. Send to a dedicated landing page with a FORM. Totally stripped of any other actions or links. Just your logo and the one single CTA. Filling out the form.
  3. 3. Keep the form ABOVE the fold. So when they land all they see is the: headline, value proposition and the form to fill out.
  4. 4. An extra bonus that always works is to not let the user go anywhere else. Either fill out the form or leave. One CTA. Do it or leave. People fight me on this, but IT WORKS.

Here's a little diagram with suggestions for your landing page.

@Omar J. thanks for taking the time to put together the diagram! I will start incorporating some of those ideas and will update with results.

Your conversion is being hurt by a few things that I notice.

1. You do not have a phone number. You should have one at top right, in middle and at bottom of page so it is easy to contact you on phones.

2. You do not have what city you work in above the scroll. So Austin is not mentioned at all. 

3. The graphic looks like you are a flooring company. You need a picture of a typical house in your market that is not in great shape, but not horrible.

4. Ask for the property address, not the home address.

5. Put a privacy policy link right next to the submit button.

Hope this helps.

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