Privy - Any other users?

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Hello all.

I have just discovered Privy. I'm interested to know if anyone else in BP is using this tool. It is only only available in select markets but it seems to be very effective at finding and analyzing MLS deals.


Thank you.

I used it for a while. And it was some great data. I liked that you could type in an address and find out what was happening around the area. Not sure how good it is at finding deals when you are in a hot market like Denver. I have access to the actual MLS. When combined with the fact I only do a couple of deals a year, It wasn't worth the money for me.

When Privy came out a few years ago it was a decent tool - not great, but ok. I think this a much stronger tool in a market with a lot of inventory, with such low inventory it isn't showing you anything that someone else is missing. The comping tool was cool in theory but didn't work real well. 

Originally posted by @Matt M. :

The "deals" it was pulling for me were rehabbed units. This was last year, so not sure if it has been updated.

 Hello Matt,

Writing to let you know that the algorithms have been updated and works much better then before.  There are also some tricks to setting up the system properly to avoid seeing properties you aren't interested in.  I'd be more then happy to help you with that.  you can reach out to me anytime.

I just want to share a more recent experience with this software to contrast with the reviews here from over a year ago. I have actually found it immensely useful for pulling comps. The speed with which it works and the layout of the photos and everything else is awesome. I haven't used it too much for finding deals since I am focusing off market for now but one of the deals it flagged as gold was actually one my partner had brought to my attention just a couple weeks prior to that, so its algorithms seem solid! In fact, this just happened again today. There's no question that it adds a lot of value in terms of speeding up your comp pulling and learning what sells in a given area and what doesn't, as well as QUICKLY finding you the deals that make sense to look into. The only thing I didn't like was that you couldn't pull comps by zip code, you always have to enter a property address, so sometimes I had to go pull a random address from google maps in order for it to show me comps in the area I wanted. However I think they are going to remedy this shortly.

@Mike Goikhberg Thanks for the Privy review and feedback. We're releasing a new version of the software in the DC / Maryland areas within a few weeks as well as launching the platform in the Los Angeles area. You'll be able to search for deals based off investment type - like Fix-n-flips, Pop-Tops or Tear Downs. As well as search for comps based off of zip code, investment type, status, and a new map search. Being able to see all the investor activity with before and after pics, revenue spreads, and timelines can really help.