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Other than the awesome BP podcast and the AskBP (RIP) podcasts, which podcasts are you listening to?

I love the old capital podcast and used to listen to the Michael Blank show (no longer active but worth listening to).

In addition to BPs, I like a couple others.  Mark Ferguson's InvestFourMore podcast is very good. He has knowledgeable, interesting guests and is an awesome interviewer from the perspective of being an agent, flipper and landlord.  

Let's tag @Mark Ferguson so he knows we are recommending him. I second the part about "he is very knowledgeable."

Forbes just came out with a list of 7 investing podcasts you should be listening to. BiggerPockets is on that list, along with Stacking Benjamins, which was another I would recommend.

Mad FIentist has a Podcast with 13 shows already. He has interviewed some pretty big names in the personal finance world, Mr. Money Mustache, Jim Collins (who has an awesome stock series that I believe is being turned into a book), Go Curry Cracker, JD Roth... The Jim Collins podcast is worth a listen just to hear their voices. They are both ultra deep baritones. It's like listening to Barry White interview James Earl Jones. 

@Joseph Gozlan I love Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandts Young Hustlers 

Grant Cardone - Carsone Zone

Larry Winget- Grow a Pair

I like @Mark Ferguson's podcast, as well as @Joe Fairless 's podcast.  @Michael Blank podcast is very good, but is centered on apartment building investing.  

Hi guys - thanks for recommending my podcast, I appreciate it. I desperately need to add more episodes to it, so thank you for the reminders!


In addition to the BP podcast, I also like Justin William's House Flipping HQ (he's all about systems and scaling and goes into details with his guests) & the Real Estate Guys (more macro and across different disciplines of investing).

On the non-REI side, I loved Serial (can't WAIT for season 2), Sword & Scale, How Stuff Works (learn SOOO much), Throwing Shade (so funny), some NPR and running podcasts (to stay motivated and keep learning!).

Here is my ranking:

Rank - Podcast name - Topic

1 Joe Fairless Passive - SFH

2 Real Estate Guys - General

3 Refresh your wealth (Mark Kohler) - Legal & Tax

4 Deal Farm Podcast (Ken Corsini) - SFH & Flips

6 Invest for more - SFH & Flips

7 Bigger Pockets - General

8 Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Kevin Bupp - Active SFH

9 Get Rich Education - Passive SFH

10 Passive Real Estate Investing Passive SFH

11 Money (Paula Pant) Passive SFH

12 Real Estate New - Kathy Fedke Passive SFH

13 Real Wealth Show - Kathy Fedke Passive SFH

14 Pinnacle Perspective - Passive SFH

15 Solopreneur Hour Marketing - Business

16 Real Estate Investing Mastery - Wholesaling

17 Epic Real Estate Investing - Wholesaling

18 Forever Cash Real Estate - Passive SFH

19 Real Estate Rich and Famous - Wholesaling (This one might be dead?)

20 Linda McKissack - Wholesaling (This one might be dead?)

21 Turnkey Real Estate Investing Passive - SFH

22 Reiology - Wholesaling

23 No Limits Real Estate Investing Podcast - Wholesaling

Commercial Podcasts (Apartment, MFH, Funding, Marketing)

1 Old Capital Real Estate Investing Podcast

2 Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank - Commercial

3 Lifestyles unlimited Commercial - Mindset

4 Family Offices - Commercial

5 CRE Radio - Commercial

6 Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies - Commercial

7 Commercial Real Estate Elite - Commercial

And in case you are wondering… I do not walk around with headphones all day. I listen to these things at 2x, with my finger on the “skip 15 second” button. And I typically skip the first and last 5-8 minutes of every episode due to all the small talk and ads.

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