Software / Apps that help you be a great real-estate investor

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Hey guys, 

I've been looking for some good software/apps that provide me a quick dashboard/visualization of my investment portfolio and returns to date (owner of a number of single family homes) 

Ideally I want it to do a few things : 

- track the rental market and let me know if I should increase/decrease my rent automatically 
- track insurance / property tax cycles and auto-update my ROI on properties

- automatically track equity and valuation of home (based on market tracking) 

- would be super-cool if it could automatically integrate with my bank accounts to calculate my ROI, but thats probably harder.

Right now, I mostly end up using Excel - I guess I could use Zilllow or something for all this - but the Zestimates seem pretty unreliable honestly. 

Do you guys have any software/apps you use to track your finances and properties ?