I Haven't Taken my Salesperson Course Yet, Where Should I Start?

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Hi there! 

I'm hoping someone can help me out a bit here.

I haven not yet enrolled for my salesperson course (however it is my next step, I just need to find a location close to me offering it). I have began speaking with brokers at companies I am considering working with as well. But, as far as social media is concerned, what is available for me to set up and get started with right now? I'm completely new to the world of real estate and plan on using my license as a way of gaining experience for my own investment deals. Any input is much appreciated! 


@Amber Forkey Are you looking to use these social media profiles for your realtor business or your investor business? If you are using them for your investor business I don't see a reason why you couldn't have the profiles set up already. If you are using it for your realtor business you could set a few up but I would be careful as most states require your licenses number on certain marketing materials and if you are not licensed that could cause some issues. 

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