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Hey BP - I am looking to find a great web designer who has a lot of references, and past projects to show. I am also looking for a PPC campaign manager and SEO specialist whom have extensive experience in marketing for real estate companies/investors. These projects would be relatively large and ongoing.

My question is, how do I go about locating professionals for these jobs?

Thanks in advance!

@Kyle Bigger

I would talk to a couple people you know who have sites for their operation. See who they used and if they enjoy the service.

If you're looking for an agent page, this is a pretty cool new product:

Hi Kyle Im your guy. I got into REI because of Internet marketing work with HomeVestors for the last number of years. We can have a talk and see if SEO/PPC is right for you or not. PM me your number if you're interested.


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Hi @Kyle Bigger ,

I own an Internet marketing company and partner with numerous developers on projects. Email me at [removed email address] and I can definitely point you in the direction of a good developer as well as the PPC/SEO help. I would recommend both in tandem but put more effort on PPC in the beginning to get you the boost you want on the front end to get an earlier ROI. SEO takes a while and algorithms change often so it can sometimes be a moving target for new sites who haven't established much authority.

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