Do you find VA's for admin work to be a little expensive?

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I am trying to understand if VA's that do Real Estate work charge more than a regular VA.... What's your experience with this part of your business if you do use VA?

Please share to help me out and others who may could benefit from your experience knowledge.

Thanks you.

I'm currently using three different VA's for different jobs.

One of them I use for re-posting Craigslist ads on a schedule.

The other answers incoming calls using a script, and enters the information into my CRM. 

The gig jobs was a VA who has experience in the RE investing industry, and was writing advertising copy for me.

One's part time, the other full time, the third is gig based.

I pay the first two $4 an hour, and the gig girl $5 an hour.

The only one of these that had experience in the Real Estate industry was the one writing ad copy. Since she could 'jump right in' doing what I needed, and I didn't need to teach her explicitly what to do, I was quite happy to pay her the $1 extra.

I could see offering more to a VA if they had advanced skills related to the job. Experience comping properties or converting leads to sellers or writing ad copy that targets motivated sellers. But that would be based on their skills that they already have, not based on skills that I need to teach them for the role they're hired into.