Let Lead (Squeeze Page) Response Rates

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Question for those of you who are actively using squeeze pages to get internet leads.  How many squeeze pages do you have out there and what are your response rates per page?  Also, are you buying FB or Google Ads to drive traffic to those pages?  I want to gauge the initial response rates for the the campaign I am designing.

Any help from those doing it would be greatly appreciated.


You want 2 squeeze pages per campaign so that you can split test your traffic. 

Google adwords won't allow you to link your ad to anything that looks like a squeeze page. (Not sure about FB but I would assume the same).

In terms of CTR (Click through rates) there is absolutely no telling. Depends so much on the campaign, the target market, and the source of ads.

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fb you can link to a squeezepage, but it really depends on your market and who you are targeting to or else you're just going to get a bunch of clicks and waste money. I have about 5-10 ads running at all times per city for different things and you constantly have to change them up because the market gets dry and people scroll straight past ads they've already seen before. fb marketing is way more tedious than direct mail and getting way more competitive I think but in the end I only pay about $4-5 per warm/hot lead which you will never get with direct mail.