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Hey BP I need some help. My wholesale business is getting ready to take the next step as I move into the Columbia, SC market. I am already realizing that having my google voice number going to my cell phone along with my cell phone itself is just to much. I am not getting to leads fast enough with live people. We are using a company called MedCom and I am not really pleased with what I get out of them. I am looking for someone who can take ALL of my incoming lead calls and present them to me in my email so I can take it from there. Is it better to use a call center? Have a VA do it for you? I know we cant advertise companies but if yall could DM me some names that I should look into I would appreciate it.


Hi Brandon!

I am not really sure about the call center avenue, but using a VA could be useful. Especially because you could use your VA for any other admin support you may need. Approximately how many calls do you typically receive per day?

Right now I receive anywhere from 3-8 new lead calls a day but I am getting ready to double and triple my mailing and marketing. It's not that I can't handle the 3-8 calls a day, it's that they are calling while I'm on the phone or at appts and I want someone to always answer that call live. Just on Thursday I missed a new lead call by 4 hours and I do not ever want that to happen.

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PATLive sponsors bigger pockets podcasts all the time. They will take any call (I believe) and have people trained in the real estate specific niche. I've heard great things about them and would give them a try. 

Personally I would hire a local VA, someone wanting to get into real estate. The benefits that come out of it long term are substantial compared to an overseas VA.

Ok great! I will check it out. I plan on getting a local VA before overseas if possible because I would love to have someone I can teach and grow with.

Full Disclosure: I own a business that handles live answering for investors. 

With Patlive I'd check out the "demo" of what their Real Estate lead handling is like. That's not personally how I want my calls answered very "fill out the form and the investor will call you back."

I LOVE Va's for things like list scrubbing, online marketing, and other tasks. I'm NOT a fan of them for live answering or cold calling. We own several properties free and clear in Indianapolis so I get calls regularly that are painfully obvious they're a va going through a script. 

@Ryan Dossey we use a call center now and I absolutely hate the way it sounds when you call there and then what is transcribed, plus half the time it doesnt even go there and just goes to my google voice voicemail. My partner set it up so I am working on pitching something different. I hope to be at the point where I have an office and someone live answering the call that can actually articulate more than just the script/info that I will need, plus I need a VA for scrubbing, online marketing, and other things we are doing.

Aloha @Brandon Barnes !

Have you looked into, or other freelancer websites? I totally hear you that you don't want to hire an overseas VA, but you can find some really fantastic US-based folks on these and other freelance sites that are really good at what they do and are trainable.

Otherwise, you may want to consider posting something to your local Craigslist to hire someone hyper-local.

Hope that helps!

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