Virtual Reality for Home Showings

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Aloha BP!

I'm a Real Estate agent on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and we have plenty of investors that own properties here, but live elsewhere. I feel strongly that Virtual Reality is the next evolutionary wave in the Real Estate market to enable Agents like myself to show their properties to buyers all over the world. 

Does anyone have experience working with a reliable VR solution to show properties?

Mahalo (Thanks)!


Not many people have access to VR and it will be a while before enough people do for it to be worth doing. 

Look at your target audience. If the majority of people buying houses from you are 30ish+ and VR is used by people 20ish and less then it won't make sense even if VR is readily accessible. 

VR is difficult to work with and can be very expensive. 

At this stage I'd take 360 pictures (the ones where you can pan around) 360 video. That allows almost anyone to be able to use it, provides significant value over regular pictures, and will be much simpler to set up rather than VR. The next house I wholesale or flip I'll be trying this strategy. It might help cash buyers buy sight unseen (out of state buyers mostly) with more confidence. 

If you're still hooked on VR (completely understand) let me know and I'll dig around some more for you. is one that I'm checking out - it only takes 20 mins with the right VR camera to shoot and set up. Best viewed on a mobile device. However, it's really new. I'm wondering if there are other solutions out there. Any digging you're willing to do @Major Robertson would be great!

That sounds very cool! We are definitely moving there! Video walkthroughs are still great thought. Or live webcam showings. displays 360 photos, not VR. It's easy to get the two confused. 

I'd recommend Facebook's viewer. It works great and integrating with social media and building that out is a huge bonus. Here's a link:

Somebody I know used

His friend who is affiliated with that company did the photography for the property that I was shown, so I can't say much regarding the process. 

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