New eSign Option on EZLandlord Forms Website

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Has anyone used the new eSign option that is available for leases on the EZLandlord Forms website?  It came up when I was creating a new lease.  Customer Service says it's a new option available just for leases. They will eventually roll it out for all of their documents.  It's in the testing phase but available now and it's free.   

Just wondering if anyone has used it yet and their thoughts? Did you have any issues?  Did you get notified once the tenant signed and was it easy to download after all parties signed?  I've only used the eSign option when purchasing our two rentals, but I've never sent out forms to anyone to eSign with the programs that are available on the web.

I do almost all my documents on docusign. It works great and saves a lot of time. I've sent out leases for tenants to sign with no issues. I wish I could esign everything. I don't have specific experience with EZLandlord however.

Major Robertson.... 

Do you use the $10 per month option on docusign or a different one?

Are there purchase agreement forms available with eSign or Document features? Where can I find them? 

Alex, yes the $10 per month. If you are doing 3 or less documents a month you can use HelloSign. I've also used them and very much like it.

Raymond, you can use any document. You simply drag and drop a field on the document where you want someone to sign. I'd recommend signing up for HelloSign for free to understand how it works.

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