Podio SUCKS. Anything better out there?!

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Im looking for automation without the intense levels of nerdery required with Podio/Globiflow? Suggestions?!

Hi Lloyd, Have you looked at Investorfuse?  It's still Podio, but more turnkey and without the required "nerdery" :-)

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Howdy y'all,  looking into CRM and Project Management solutions myself.  Investorfuse seems to be an expensive albeit all encompassing option.   

Ran across Podiozen for use as a Podio Template: https://www.podiozen.com/market-place/real-estate-investing/

Does anyone have experience / reviews on Podiozen that would care to chime in?


@James Work , there is also https://realestateinvestorcrm.com/ for Podio as well. I have downloaded the free version of InvestorFuse and its pretty nice, albeit still pretty manual. The paid versions include all of the advanced workflow options builtin which make Podio an actual time saver more than just a record keeper. 

Also, with Podio, you have to purchase the premium tier on a monthly or annual subscription for the workflows to function. Its kind of a deceptive sale. Currently I'm investigating Danny Johnson's REIMobile since I'd already have to pay a perpetual fee for use.

Thanks @Aaron R. My partner and I recently purchased the Real Estate Investor package from www.PodioZen.com and have just began 'building it out.'  We had trouble with the install but eventually received customer support and successfully installed the app package.  So far so good!  The PodioZen app package is not comprehensive like Investorfuse (although far more affordable), and is $100 more expensive than the Podio app package you recommended (given the current sale), but for $299 it's a quick and easy way to get a head start in regards to Podio implementation.  

Definitely nice to see how Podio functions with pre-designed apps and be able to start implementing Podio for our real estate business without an unnecessary learning curve.  Actually, I'm really looking forward to having Podio fully implemented and running for us.  Just the task management and CRM features alone are going to make our lives easier and more efficient.  Not 100% sure if or how automated workflows will be of use to us at this point, but for a starting point, having some pre-designed apps specifically designed for real estate investors helps level off the steep and daunting Podio learning curve.  

Hey @Lloyd Stanton ,

Totally feel ya on the high levels of nerdery needed to get a Podio system up and running. In fact, I wrote a post on the average cost to build and maintain a turnkey CRM & marketing solution on Podio.

Read it here: https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/80/topics/120929-podio-for-crm?page=2#p3001273

That said (and I’ll say it again), when configured correctly, Podio is an incredible platform on which to build your CRM and Marketing systems.

@Bill Carovano wrote a good post on why Podio is a great Project Management & CRM tool, so I won’t belabor the point.

@James Work , to your point, the task assignment & management functionality in Podio is helpful so employees can stay organized and prioritize their work - i.e. call back leads, schedule appointments, create sales comps reports, etc. We’ve found it also provides transparency and accountability for the whole team, and oversight to business owners.

In terms of automated workflows, a good example of this is automated follow-up sequences. As an example,  have different follow-up sequences for Hot Leads (motivated sellers), Long-Term Leads, Cold Leads, etc.

For hot leads, we automate a personalized text message and ringless voicemail (via Slybroadcast) every day for the first 10days, then move to a bi-weekly cadence for the next 6months. For long term leads, we'll alternate email and text message on a monthly cadence for one year. The key is to stay top of mind with Sellers so they'll contact you when they're ready to sell. We've found the ROI of text and ringless voicemail is phenomenal as well. At the end of the day, you're spending a couple bucks per lead. Even if just 1% convert to an offer, you're making money hand over fist.

One of our customers has taken this a step further. He has four sales people and has setup personalized follow-up sequences for each sales person. So all of the voicemails are recorded in the salesperson’s own voice and come from their own Google Voice numbers and the text messages are personalized as well.

And this is just for one of the five markets he operates in. He just manages the system and inserts himself as needed to provide some coaching or help close a deal.

You can think of follow-up sequences as your army of robots that are following up on your behalf.

Hope this is helpful and happy investing!


That gif is great, thanks for the laugh!

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