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Has anyone used Lead Propeller? If so what was your experience like, would you recommend it and/or continue using their services? Also if you have used or know of any other quality companies with simular SEO & SEM services, please list them! 

Thanks BP

Hey Taylor, we've been with them for several months and it's going great.  Setup was pretty easy - although there have been a few things I've managed to screw up anyway, but the service is really good and available when I've needed them.   It's a good value, and it performs quite well.

They also manage our PPC campaign which has been going better than I expected. I haven't used their SEO service only because they make it pretty simple to set that up yourself and offer content packs of SEO optimized articles that you can purchase and schedule to post on your blog at regular intervals. I also have my VA creating local citations regularly.

Overall, I don't think you could ask for much more - and like I said - it seems to me like a pretty good value.  I highly recommend them with no reservations.

Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.


Granted I didn't become an seo master or anything, but I received zero leads.  I had a blog, too.  I received a ton of seo spam on both the blog and my e-mail, but no leads.

Again, I didn't work hard at it.  Set-up was pretty easy.  I was just going to keep the $49/mo service but my debit card I was auto paying with died for the new chip cards and I didn't bother updating the card and payment info.

My website name, which I liked, was held hostage or whatever as far as I can tell but I hope to retrieve it.  Again, I used this because I have no idea how to set-up a website or do seo.  Just be prepared to deal with the spam that comes with every new website and blog.  Cheers!

Hey @Taylor Dove . We have been using Lead Propeller for about a year and a half. We went with them due to everyone else in our market having a website with another leading competitor. We wanted to stick out and look original. The setup was super easy and very customizable. The customer service is outstanding and extremely helpful. It is important to note that merely setting up a website will not attract leads. You must work on both organic and paid placement with search engines. They offer a service that will manage this for you. We took the opportunity and it has already paid for itself for a long time. I highly suggest using them. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Hope this helps!

@Taylor Dove I use Wordpress which is pretty slick and I think easy to use. And there is a free version. My site allows people to download the PDF files I provide, they can leave their name and information about any property I have on the site and I get an email to my phone with their information, I can update quickly, I can create "pages" (posts)  that are archived or that "stick" in the sequence where I want them, I can add Twitter, Facebook, and about 30 other social media "windows", I can add "stat trackers" that tell me how many people visited and from which city, and how long they stayed and on and on. I can add links to other resources if I care to. 

For instance, I can run a house ad on Craigslist, people check out my website to see the house and requirements, they enter their name and how much they have to put down etc, that info automatically goes into the database and sends me an email. I can have it send them an email that I got their info, and it includes an autoresponder so the site can send them weekly updates automatically without my intervention. 

But, my experience is that SEO never works for this kind of arrangement. There are too many other sources that people use. People don't know how "fresh" your site's info is. The best use of a personal website is for showing your current inventory you have available and for "credibility." I don't think I've had someone buy a house from me simply because I use a website. 

I do use it to pre-screen people. I send them a link to my website and if they can't follow instructions and enter a bit of information, I know I don't want them as renters. Or, if they truly can't afford the place I opt out of showing them the property and save myself a lot of time.

I've always had to pick up the phone and call the individual to actually sell or rent them the house ;-)

We have been with Lead Propeller little under a year and it has been fantastic! We didn't know enough about SEO and didn't have the mass amount of time and effort it takes to rank our website so we decided to use their service, I just based it off of Danny Johnson's website which is the top ranked website in San Antonio so clearly they know what they are doing, they got us on the 1st page of google for several relative keywords in 6 months! Now we are just trying to move up the page to the first spot. The ROI on paying for SEO assuming they actually do a good job which Leadpropeller does, is through the roof! The amount we will pay over a 1 year period we will make on 1 deal, after that our website will be ranked and keep producing leads week after week with a lower cost to keep it ranked #1. Josh who is the guy with Leadpropeller who manages it for us, lets us know exactly what the plan of attack is and updates us every month on progress that was made. If your serious about ranking your website and motivated seller marketing I would recommend giving Leadpropeller a shot for sure, even if it takes them 12 months to rank your website on page 1 because your market is super competitive it's still worth it. It would take us way too much time to do what they have done and as you close more and more deals your time is much more valuable then what you will pay for the service. They really know what they are doing and you can see proof by just looking at Danny's website. Check them out and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Hope that helps!

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@Ken Min I couldn't 100% be sure since we do a lot of marketing to our website so to be able to know if the lead came from organic search or paid avenues is hard to say. We aren't ranked that high yet on the 1st page and have only been at it for about 6 months so in another 6 months we really should see an increase in leadflow from our website. 

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@Alex Wentland I guess I should have been a bit more specific, 

Would you say at this point that you have actually generated new business as a result of your website?

For instance, I've had my website up for a little over a year and the website itself didn't produce any new leads that I can determine, but *was* Instrumental in capturing the information that I could then contact interested parties with. The actual *source* of the lead was through mailers, presentations, fliers, bandit signs, ads, etc that directed people to the website for pictures & further information and to make an application. I don't do any SEO or advertising on Google Ads, or Facebook or other sources. 

I saw this Article recently.

"Procter & Gamble, one of the largest and most sophisticated advertisers in the world reported:

A year ago P&G announced that it would move away from ads on Facebook that micro-target specific consumers. Facebook is trying to leverage its enormous trove of consumer data to enhance its income. This has been its big promise. But P&G found that this micro-targeting of specific consumers based on the data Facebook has collected on them reduced reach and wasn’t working."

@Ken Min PPC has been one of our best lead sources right along with direct mail. We haven't been ranked long enough or high enough yet to see the results from ranking organically but I have spoken to several people with top ranked sites and yes it does result in more leads. Of course your website isn't producing any leads directly if you aren't paying for ads or top ranked organically but it sounds like it is helping convert certain leads that are more comfortable going to a website and submitting info

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@Steve Vaughan  Sorry to hear you had to deal with spam from your domain registration.  That usually happens when the WhoIs protection isn't used (as anybody can scrape the domain's whois information which includes your email).   We've since set every new account to automatically get WhoIs protection (we pay for it but don't charge extra to our customers).    

Also regarding the domain name being "held hostage", I'm not sure what you mean by that as we will gladly allow you to transfer it at anytime.  Our customers own their domains.  We do not.  I'd be happy to help you with that any time.  

We've made a lot of improvements to LeadPropeller and hope that you give us another try.  We'd love to have you back!  Either way, I'm available to discuss online strategy with you and want to help in any way I can.  

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@Alex Wentland @Andrew Newlon @Doc Brunk  - WOW!!! I really appreciate you guys sharing your experience.  It's awesome to see members posting about us.  This is very motivated for our team and I'll be sure to share it with them. Especially, Josh in the services department and Matt and Tyler on the support team.  

Thanks again!  You guys rock!

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@Danny Johnson not a problem! I've worked with Josh Matt and Tyler and you guys have been an asset to our company, anyone who is serious about building their company online should at least talk to you guys in my opinion and use you guys! I will be doing our numbers in a few months for the entire year but I already know the ROI will be ridiculous on the amount of money we have invested into you and your teams expertise.

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@Taylor Dove I'd love to answer any questions you have about our company, website systems or services.  

My recommended strategy for generating leads and deals online is to start with Pay Per Click if you have the budget.  

SEO is a great investment, but takes time.   With Pay Per Click you can get a return on investment much faster.  Don Cost from the FlipTalk podcast got 4 deals from his first month with our Pay Per Click services.

I'm still a very active investor with a goal of over 100 flips this year.  We've personally worked with thousands of motivated sellers and know how they think and what they're looking for.  The same team managing my personal pay per click account (don't the hall from me in our office) also manages LeadPropeller customers' accounts.  We communicate constantly.

I'm not aware of another company that can say they do this.  

My background is in software development and our developers here are rockstars.  We've got more innovations and many more being released all the time.  

Message me if you'd like to talk more about what we can do for you.  :)  I love talking to other investors.  Have a great day.

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@Taylor Dove I'm across the state in Jacksonville and we have used leadpropeller for our PPC management for last 3 months and have generated alleads and closed 2 deals with 1 more under contract so our ROI is great. And we closed our first wholesale deal within 2 weeks of starting... I would think you could get a lower cost per lead in Tallahassee so I would recommend it.

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Hey Taylor, Im down in Southwest Florida and just made the switch to them. My results are excellent .I actually put 2 houses under contract my 1st week and working on third. I do have a 350 budget per day though so I do get a pretty good amount of leads. Josh from LP has really worked on my quality of lead with negative keywords so other investors arent clicking on my site all day. Anyway hope this helps.

Frank Heron