Sources for data mining rents by zip code

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I'm looking to bounce SFH sale prices against rents. I've found plenty of sources for home sale prices that I can easily get in a downloadable format (csv) but I can't seem to find a downloadable database of rents vs zip code/neighborhood. I see that city-data as well as truila have heat maps, but I can't find a way to download the information and I'm not sure what database they are using to generate the maps. Any help would be appreciated.



@Christopher Canning my MLS allows me to chart stuff like this pretty easily across various datapoints (Days on market, median sale price, etc) and criteria (property size, location etc). Have you contacted a real estate agent in your area regarding this question? I bet you could find one that is pretty familiar with this sort of stuff without too much hassle.

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@John Knisely - thanks.  That's a good call.  I was hoping to be able to find a freely available source online, but if the easiest way is to just reach out to a local agent, I'll do it.

 The ones worth talking to shouldn't be bothered by getting you this data.

Let's see if we can summon any from BP keyword alerts. Charleston real estate agents. South Carolina realtor....Now we wait!


The top two free resources I use for market rents are and Zillow rents apps. The other source I use is talking to property managers in the area. 

Good luck!