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Hi - 

I'm currently managing 19 units for myself and wanted to start using Property Management Software that would eventually be scalable for use in a Property Management business.  Does anyone have any good suggestions for software/cloud solutions?

Thanks in advance for the advice!


Buildium or Rent Manager will both be great for that number of units. Appfolio is great but a little pricey for 19 units. Check them all out. They will do fee demos.

Most of the software is too pricey for that # of units. That's why I recommend PropertyZar, but hey I'm partial.....

I currently use RentecDirect for 8 units.  I have heard Buildium is the best but it is to expensive for my needs at this time.  However I am looking to pick up some more units.  When I do I will be reassessing and when I change, Buildium is likely the one I will use.

Agree with @Tracy Streich . I personally use Appfolio but manage 200+ units. I think Rent Manager or PropertyZar would be a good option.

I'm in kind of a similar situation. I have a property manager, as I live out of state, but would like to automate much more of the process than our current operations. In my case, it's 24 units across several duplexes. I'm looking at for the payment and financial side of things, and not clear what additional needs I will likely encounter. FYI, I'm not completely focused on cost minimization, as I've found the good karma that comes from being a good landlord gives me "sticky" tenants.

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You should check out SimpleRent.  They are new to the game and looking to move the software toward the needs of people in your wheel house.

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I am using Rentalgrid. It's the free, convenient and has everything I need including Tenant screening, lease drafting and signing  and online rent payments

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