ACH return taking to long to notify from FORTE

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Thank you in advance,

We are using Rentec Direct for our property management and we like it, but payment processing is handled by Forte and we are less happy with them. We are having problems with ACH returned payments, when a payment is declined and returned it’ takes 6 day form them to let us know, and that’s way too long.

Is this a universal problem with all payment processing for ACH or is Forte extra-long?

Any advice or info is welcomed

Hi John,

I also use Forte with Rentec Direct and I've used other merchant providers in the past.  It's entirely normal (for all of them) to take a few days to let you know if a payment bounces.  That's just the nature of checks (both electronic and paper).  If you want instant notification of NSF, you have to require payments via credit card, but nobody ever wants to pay the credit card fees for that benefit (myself included).

So to answer your question, Forte has the same time-frame on NSF notifications as every other ACH solution.  4 days is common, but if there's a weekend or holiday, those add to the days since it's generally 3-4 business days to get NSF notification.