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Hi everyone, my name is Michael and I'm 14 years old. I'm here because I'm asking you guys on what I should do for online marketing real estate. Yesterday I had an investor tell me that if I do marketing online people won't know how old I am so they wouldn't turn me down. Here is what he exactly told me to do:

"Michael, great job thinking as an entrepreneur at your age! Here's my advice for what it's worth, I applied for a commercial mortgage at 18 and was turned down but finally saved up and purchased a duplex at 20 so your on the right track. However I also own an eCommerce and marketing company now and someone your age should be focused 100% online. No one knows how old you are online. Learn everything you can about SEO and social media marketing and set up landing pages (plenty of free services like Wix and Weebly) then build solid relationships (get the in writing) with any type of business, Investors, Realtors, Trades ect.. and sell them your leads. All this can be done for free if you know what your doing. Or highly targeted Facebook ads can be pretty cheap. Any business including real estate investing is built on great marketing and the internet can help you reach people not just in your area but all over the world."

I was confused on what he was talking about, what he was telling me to do, and how this all works so here I am looking for your guidance. Do you guys know what this investor was talking about what I should do? Also, do you have any recommendations on what I should do for online marketing in real estate to learn and make money(money isn't my biggest priority right now the experience is)? Do you guys have any recommendations on how to learn all of this for free? I was also wondering if doing this would teach me about real estate, would it? Or does it have nothing to do with real estate because right now I'm trying really hard to learn as much about real estate so that I'm prepared for my future. Anyways, thanks in advance for all of your advice and recommendations!

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