Best CRM for Beginning Investor

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Hey guys, I am a one man band right now for my wholesaling business. I would like to know what the best CRM software would be for me when I am not generating many leads right now. Just mainly self generated. Would love your feedback! Thanks!

@Lex Nunez

Just a thought but you might consider picking the CRM you want to use long term even though it sounds like you really don't need a robust solution at this time.

The reason I say that is b/c if you are planning to scale up you are going to have to learn the new software anyway.  

Additionally you will have to migrate all of the information from the temporary solution to the permanent, which may not be a trivial task.  

So it would be double learning curve plus a data migration.  

In the meantime, you could maybe use a simple solution (e.g. excel) for now that you are already familiar with and focus on learning the permanent solution.

CRMs can be used across a huge array of different use cases and requirements. Are you just looking for something to track your lead pipeline? Have you broken out requirements of what you’d like to have vs need to have in a CRM solution? Different products excel in different areas. You can start with something as simple as a phone-based contacts manager like CJournal or as advanced as SalesForce with integrated email and leads tracking or as new as Drip for getting out of the box quickly. Start with those need to haves, then start tracking which products meet them. 

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