Podio, Trello, others? Templates?

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I have a boot-on-the-ground partner who I have done a number of fix and flip deals with over the last couple of years. We are ready to move beyond the "one and done" model and incorporate an LLC to begin scaling our operations. Given that I live 2 time zones away, what business systems/project management application is most appropriate?
Also, from my research it seems like half the battle is setting up the dashboard/files. So if anyone has template examples (even screenshots) to give me a boost in setting up my podio/trello dashboard, that would be very helpful. I am also open to other suggestions if Podio/Trello isn't what you are using. Thanks all!

Both Trello and Podio can serve as decent "deal board" tracking systems, and both are free for the kind of simple use case you're discussing at the moment.

I'd strongly suggest starting with Podio because it is way more customizable, powerful, and proven for the Real Estate Investor use case than Trello. You'll eventually want Podio capabilities later on. Case in point: Podio is the basis for a lot of third-party REI-focused systems such as Investorfuse and Seller Leads CRM. I've personally worked on about 30-40 different custom Podio systems for various REI companies.

There are a bunch of Podio system templates available on the Podio App Market, including some for REI businesses, but honestly I'd suggest just starting with a simple Podio app or two that you build out yourself (such as a "Deals" or "Leads" apps, to store the info you need) and then grow from there.

This doesn't help right now but wanted to mention it.  My partner and I are developing a software product that helps track flip investments.  The software will help flippers connect with investors and help keep track of how things are moving with each flip.  We are funding multiple flips and multiple flippers right now and want to simplify how we track these investments.  If you are interested in more info, pm me.  We won't launch the software for many months, but during the build time, we will need input from experts like you all.  



Originally posted by @Walter Davis :

@Jonathan Godes   I just wrote this article. Hope it helps you out. I have a Trello template.

3 Tools for 90 Flips

 This was a great article Walter! Thank you, this is a help!

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