Three word addresses

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Imagine speaking three dictionary words to your navigation device and getting directions to any 10' x 10' square in the world. 

How will this affect Real Estate? Dunno exactly, but it's coming. It will have the most direct impact in 2nd and 3rd world countries, but maybe we'll get some use out of it one day. 

It's accurate enough to not only identify which building you want, but precisely which door you want them to use. The window next to it has a different address. Each apartment door has it's own address; including the back sliders. You can order deliveries be dropped exactly where you want them; like in a specific spot in a huge development project that's still all dirt. Dominoes will know you're at the dock on the lake behind the house, and how to get there. Your kid can tell you precisely where they are if they're lost. 

Your parking spot has a unique three word address. Every parking spot in the world does. The remotest cabin in the deepest woods has an address that any delivery service or drone can find even if google's mapping cars have never been there. Secret fishing holes or tree stands have an address you can share with your buddies accurate to 10'; no streets necessary. Every 10' x 10' square in the ocean has a three word address.

This has already revolutionized undeveloped countries; they've already bypassed phone lines and went directly to cellphones. Now they're bypassing street address and using three word addresses. 

Watch the TED Talk here:

Then go here to find out what your front door address is: Just follow the instructions on the right.

Try a few adjacent squares until you find a catchy address you like.

Hey @Geoffrey Pierce , thanks for sharing this amazing piece of tech! I've already hit the website, watched the TED talk, downloaded the app, and then proceeded to spend way too much time exploring catchy addresses.

Seriously, who could resist marketing a cool location like doodle.headquarters.strawberry?

UNBELIEVABLE!! This along with AI self learning robots, and the future is here.  

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