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So I've been using Zoho for a while but have heard a lot about Podio. As part of attending Extreme Freedom 2017 I was able to get Sean Terry's Podio App. It's pretty cool and thinking about switching over to Podio as it's much cheaper but I have one sticking point.

In Zoho I can filter and create reports of only the columns I want and export them to Excel.

In Podio it appears when you export a list, say sellers for example, it exports all the fields and there is not way to filter and export only the fields you want. I looked online and could not find a way to do that.

Example I only want Sellers name, property address, mailing address for a mailing list and don't want the rest of the fields in the seller lead like bedrooms bathrooms motivation level, etc.

Does any Podio users know how to do that?

I know I can export everything and just delete what I don't want, but I don't want to have to go through the effort. I'm trying to find things to make things easier and less time consuming and not things that add more steps.

Thx Robert
@ Sean Terry

In Podio you create a "View" and then can export only what's in that View to Excel.


@Bill Carovano

From what I understand this will filter down to only include the "rows" you want for say specific sellers. This will also filter what columns you see on the actual Podio App but when you export it all the remaining fields within each row or seller still exports out into the excel sheet. Correct

If so I'm trying to figure out how to export out only the rows and columns I have filtered down to. Does that make sense?

I just tested this in Podio because I wasn't sure about columns.  

Only the rows in the View get exported (i.e. the ones that meet the filter criteria).  However, all columns get exported--even the columns that aren't part of the view.

@Bill Carovano

Correct and that's what I'm trying to figure out. How to filter down the columns you want to export and only export those columns and not all of them.

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