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Is anyone using facebook ads with any success? I'm going to try this boosted post. What do you guys think of this??

Can't hurt to give it a try - use their system to target certain geographic areas, interests, etc. I've boosted a post once and got over 1.5k additional views.

The best way to answer your question is to give it a try, track your data, and perfect your strategy as you go.

I've had success with boosting posts for events and such, but it's usually nothing too crazy. But hey, every click counts. And really, I've found it best for overall exposure. I think the old sales saying is true, it usually takes 6 to 8 touches to get a sale (or a customer). If your marketing is targeted enough in multiple avenues, facebook ads can definitely serve as one of those touches.

I would say to put the Facebook targeting to work and come up with slightly different ads for small target markets. Target their location and say something specific about it. Generic ads get glanced over, so since you can run multiple ads simultaneously, you're missing out if you use one ad to blanket all the little sub markets. For example, in my current business of mobile detailing, I service a three county area with countless towns throughout. I'll run an ad targeted to a small town, showing a car I detailed there, and mentioning the town, maybe mention the local eatery or park, something relatable and brief. Immediately I appear as the "local guy" rather than the "corporate guy". We see immediate results with small batch targeted ads like that. Test things out with $5 here $10 there and see what happens, and watch the data. Also be conscious of where the ad leads them beyond their click. If to a webpage home screen, make sure your contact info is readily available. Watch Google analytics on your site to see bounce rate and sources of traffic, play around with sending clicks directly to a contact page or even to a page only accessible from that click source with more targeted info . You can also install the Facebook pixel on your page which then allows you to run ads targeted to those who have visted your page already, different from your "first look" ads.

If you're looking to generate leads set up an actual ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager or the Power Editor. I generate almost all of my leads from Facebook and the Ads Manager and Power Editor are the way to go. 

Boosting a post just gets additional views and is best for sharing an article, information, or promoting a contest/giveaway. 

Put your audience through an actual funnel and retarget them with different Ad Sets. 

Hey @William Smith ! @Lucifer Vîrroc is spot on about those boosted posts. They are good for generating interest and sharing information, but there is no real way to track conversions with them. Setting up a campaign and directing visitors to your lead gen website. I find that sending people to a website helps to narrow down the motivations of people interacting with your ads. Don't forget to launch a retargeting campaign also! Facebook is a powerful tool for keeping up with customers that hit your site and bounce. 

Facebook ads are the best way to target a specific group of people doesn't matter a city, state, or country. BUT if you know facebook ads well enough. Facebook ads could make you rich or you can lose money. Here are is my advice if yo wanna try out

  • Have a Professional website direct to the point REMEMBER first impression is the last impression
  • Try to create engaging content and share on your facebook page
  • Use a Professional profile picture and nice cover image
  • Run PPE ad and target your the group of people you wanna target, interest, as well as location
  • Let it run for few days make sure you add your facebook pixels in your website before you run ads that will allow you to track what happening and also add Google analytic to your website
  • Get a designer to design nice ad image for you LESS TEXT MORE CREATIVE.
  • Run it for few days and keep tracking the process and after few days start a retargeting ad as well with it so people who visited your website showed some interest and than left retarget them.

Above tips were simple and to the point. If you can spend more time, more money and get massive results then you should follow these.

  • Create a website must be PROFESSIONAL have a blog and get someone to write for you add at least 2 posts a month
  • Brand yourself or your company and give some value it could be FREE EBOOK, VIDEO ADVICE, TIPS, or anything
  • Reach to people as much as possible (STOP THINKING ABOUT LEADS FOR A WHILE) connect with more people show your interest share valuable stuff.
  • Try to use Facebook, twitter, instagram, as well as linkedin gain good number of followers and audience share interesting things
  • Build an email list within your niche that could help you to connect with more business people and investors who trust you. REMEMBER if they give you email and subscribed to your newsletter that mean they now can trust you.
  • AFTER Above process start selling to them. Or before you even start they will ask you for it. Because they know you they trust you and they know you are valuable to them. it will allow you to have large number of connections, audience, people who believe in you.

Hope my tips help you out

Thank You

Muhammad Hayat

That might be too many words, when you go to run it, FB might say your image has too many words. Or rather that the words take up too much space. They'll still let you run it, but it won't reach as many people.

@William Smith   Doesn't someone still own and enforce the "We Buy Houses" trademark?  If I am not mistaken they are still a biggerpockets member.

You should test multiple images, as well as split your demograpics into seperate ad sets in your ads manager. IE, split male and female, homeowners and investors, etc. When you see one demographic outperforming the other, you mix and match the successful metrics. My best analogy would be Sonic having 168,000 drink options - to accomplish this, they are likely only operating form a handful of products, matched multiple times with other products. 

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