Managing multiple portfolios with Appfolio

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Does anyone have experience managing multiple portfolios with Appfolio? I’d like to setup a sub-portfolio with the complex’s own branding, phone number, etc that is different from our parent company’s brand. I am also curious if there are two (or more) separate portfolios how the backend stuff works. Ideally we do not want to be advertising the sub-portfolio units with our parent company’s other units, but instead those vacancies could be listed exclusively on the complex’s own website.

@Neal Collins I would give Appfolio support a call.  The one issue with having different portfolios in Appfolio is that all the money flows into the main account and you can't have separate bank accounts for each separate portfolio, I don't know if that is an issue for you or not, but felt it was worth mentioning.  

@Dorothy Butala Thanks for your response. We use separate trust accounts within our portfolio since we own various properties in our portfolios and can’t commingle funds. I would imagine it’s as simple as selecting the right bank account for the portfolio’s respectively properties, right?

@Neal Collins I spoke at length with AppFolio because I don't have enough units to use the platform (50 minimum are needed), and my broker told me I can be added as a property manager and manage my portfolio separately, but after we looked into the system and how it would work for handling funds, they said that even though you can have separate property managers manage separate portfolios, you cannot have separate bank accounts.  After we found that out, I couldn't move forward with using my brokers account to manage my properties because of the co-mingling of funds. I would give them a call and let them know your situation, maybe they have some other type of option for you.  

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