Contract email with iPhone (fillable pdf)?

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My question: Is there an iPhone app that can browse online, fill a PDF document (this specific document is fillable on a computer), and email the document to a person? I'm open to going other routes to fill and send the contract, but the shortest, most direct route would be preferable. The reason: I found a person who will allow seller financing for a property I want to buy. I need to send them a contract to sign, then return to me either in physical form or digitally. I want to fill all the information before I send it. My state has a purchase contract that can be filled out online, but I'm not able to do so using iPhone with safari browser. I can fill it out on a computer and email to them. I no longer have a computer or internet due to financial difficulties, so I'm trying to use my phone. I can go to the library for free, and complete the task there. It's very difficult to operate their system (transferring files, saving files, time limits, etc.) even though I'm completely capable. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm still new to all of this. I'm experienced in podcasts, but I have had no real world application success. Only 1 contract so far, but it wasn't a deal. I couldn't sell it so I canceled. Thanks, John Phillips

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