Mass Text Message Services to Market Wholesale Properties

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Hey All,

I have been using to send out a text message blast to my cash buyer database, and it is great in a lot of ways, and not so great in some ways. Looking for other options that might solve my problems with it.

The main problem I have is that it is very slow and sending the mass text messages. I will schedule a "blast" to go out at 8am, but it only sends out one at a time. With having a relatively large list, I am hearing that people are getting the message sometimes a day later. I need everyone to see it ASAP in order to sell to the best offer from my entire list. 

What I love about Skipio is the user interface. It contains all the messaging on the website rather than redirecting to my phone and melting it down with hundreds of replies and notifications. It's a great thing to be able to manage all the messaging on the website and reply using my computer calculator. It makes managing all replies really nice. 

For all wholesalers not using a text blasting service to market properties, you must do it now. Biggest life changer EVER!!!!

Anyways, I'm open to all recommendations for other services to try.

Thank you!

Billy Bell

I've done something pretty similar to this with Podio and Twilio.  The text responses come back into the Podio record for that cash buyer, you get notified of that response, and then can engage in a two-way text conversation from within the Podio record.

As far as delays, I've never seen any with Twilio; it's a rock solid-texting platform.

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