Which social media platform is best for garnering REI Interest?

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I have met with a few social media managers, many of which seem to tout Facebook as the primary social media platform I should be investing time in. I feel more strongly towards Linkedin as it's a more professional network. What social media platforms do you leverage, which do you feel have the biggest impact on your REI's?

Depends on the level of sophistication of customer you are targeting. General public I'd definitely agree that Facebook would be my number one choice. Realtors, flippers, general contractors and other public facing niches. LinkedIn would be more appropriate for larger scale types like syndicators, developers, attorneys, CPAs, accredited investors etc.

As a Realtor, 100% Facebook. Business and personal pages, with ads on the business page. Instagram is also one I believe strongly in for the younger generation of clients I am catering to (myself included). I maintain my LinkedIn to add credibility and keep the door open for business with other industry professionals such as estate attorneys, CPAs etc.

83% of Americans used social media in 2016, with over 50% using multiple platforms. 43% of users consulted social media before making a major purchase. In real estate these numbers are misleading, an average person will wait approximately 120 days before contacting a realtor on social media platforms as they research the firm and business. Most people who use social media to search for a home, will choose a person whose name they recognize and have been referred. Being on only 1 site, is reducing you opportunity to obtain name recognition and exposure. 

I agree with @John Knisely entirely! Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are important to keep updated on a regular basis. I would also throw in Pinterest if that is something that interests you. 

A friend of mine generates 3 solid leads per week with Pinterest alone. I think there are so many Pinterest boards for DIY projects and things like that and that is how she generates leads. Communicating with active DIYers and talking to them about taking to them about flips. It is not something I have mastered but it is an interesting concept! 

Considering the exposure of Facebook, it is a good start.....but! I do not think it is the end all social media site that REI's wish for in lead generations. I posted a blog about using social media and overall exposure to potential leads.

A mix of all of them really is the best policy. I work mainly with lower income demographics, so I utilize Facebook most of all. Consider your demographic, pick the social network that will have the biggest impact, and rock that network. Don't neglect the other social networks, have an account and keep it relatively up to date, but don't lose your head trying to keep up with all of them, there is just too much to do.

Each social media platform has its strengths per each profession. Use them all but appropriately pee the users of each platform. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, google plus. Learn them and their usefulness to each user and ur target for each user and platform