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Hey everybody

I'm trying to build a landing page that can be integrated with my Podio account but I'm having trouble doing so. I've built landing pages on Shopify, Wordpress, Wix and other sites but I'm having trouble finding one that "works"

I'm trying to have contact information from the landing page automatically sent to Podio so that I can easily contact clients.

I would like to know what services work well with Podio before I pay for it lol

If anybody has any insight I'd appreciate the help!

Thank you!!

Hi Greg,

Any Podio app can have a webform enabled for it.  The webform includes the code that you can embed on your website, no matter what tech you use (Wordpress and Wix both work well...I'm sure shopify works also, but I don't know first hand experience).


For REI websites, I really like Investor Carrot because their forms capture addresses more accurately than Podio webforms. Integrating Investorcarrot with Podio is pretty easily done, but not obvious because you'll actually use the "Zapier" integration. You don't actually have to use Zapier though. You can just create a webhook-triggered flow in Globiflow (Podio's workflow engine) and plug that flow's URL into the Zapier integration setting within Investor Carrot. The webhook flow can create records in your Seller Leads app.


@Bill Carovano is spot on. 

We've had lots of clients who had Podio web forms on their site and they converted visitors into leads really poorly. We've done over 1400 split tests and our clients have pulled in over 1.5 million leads in the last 36 months... and we've found that even the look, feel, and operation of your web form (especially on mobile) makes a big difference in the performance of your site (how many leads convert). 

But ya @Greg Phillips exactly what Bill said will get you dialed in. Tons of our clients use Podio (it's the most popular CRM our clients use) so we can get you dialed in there. Reach out if we can help. 

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