SMS rent reminder tool

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Hello, This is my first post here, Hope I am posting in the correct Category. I am currently renting a few apartments and I always had problems with late rent so I thought I'd build me a simple online tool to automatically send rent reminders to tenants. Would you be interested in something like that ? Do you think It will help decrease late rents ?

@Omar Furrer you have to have an opt-in process for most forms of SMS tools like this. Lots of changes in the laws around this. Assuming you're already getting that opt-in with your tenants?

@Omar Furrer , to @Cliff H. 's point about SMS tools being an issue since you have to make sure that you are not violating laws regarding the opt-in and opt-out, one way to make sure you allow tenants to opt in or out would be to have an app on their phones that can receive push-notifications (just like an SMS notification).  This works a bit better for allowing tenants to opt-in and opt-out since the tenant can log out of the app or turn off notifications if they so choose, ensuring you aren't infringing on the rights of the tenant in the opt-in/opt-out scenario.  You could create an app and that would allow you to be able to send tenants those rent reminders while allowing them to opt-out/turn off notifications, or there is also an app I built that does allow you to do exactly that, which you could use as well.  Hope this helps