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Hi everyone, Does anybody know about digital wholesaling/bird dogging? I'm interested in trying it and wanted to know if anybody does it or even knows a little about it to help guide me? If you know about virtual wholesaling/bird dogging or know somebody who does, please get them to contact and message me to help me out. Thanks in advance!

I'm interested in this as well but in Ohio. 

@Michael Kantar I would start with the local  We Buy House franchise in Yonkers.  or call the numbers on any bandit signs that you see in the area you want to work.  I bet one of these groups is looking for help and it would be a good way to learn the business.

@Michael Kantar I remember a BP podcast on this subject. He would partner with other wholesalers in other markets and split the fee

@Caleb Heimsoth thanks, do you know what podcast it was? Also, how do you exactly partner with the wholesalers for a fee? Wouldn't they want to keep all of the money themselves?

@Michael Kantar  I don’t remember which one but it shouldn’t be to hard to find as there’s probably less than 10 with wholesaling in it.  

They would split the assignment fee by splitting duties.  If I remember correctly the person who didn’t live in the market would do things like control direct mail and back end logistics.  Person who lived in the local market would go find the deal, get contracts signed etc. 

@Michael Kantar i've found leads as a wholesaler online and then used the same model to rapidly grow a property management firm. What specific advice are you looking for?  How to? Software? Advertising?

@Collin Goodwin I would like to know everything you can possibly tell is about it! Whatever you'd like to share you can share with us!

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