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I just realized that members can create a blog on Bigger Pockets. I took a look and a good number of members have put in the time and effort to write a blog post. Unfortunately, I had to scroll through 6 pages of 0 comments before I found a post with one comment. Maybe there is a way to remind members to check the blog posts and support other members. 

@Lisa V. Good comment but there are so many blogs that it is becoming information overload. Some people I follow include: @David Thompson , @Reed Goossens and @Paul Moore . I am launching my own blog that's targeted more towards international, high net-worth individuals as they are the bulk of my network. You have to sift through a lot of information to get specific, actionable info. for that niche. 

Is there a particular area you are interested in? Maybe, I, or other members, can point you to good blogs.

Thanks for the comment, @Michael Kantar

@Omar Khan Yes, definitely information overload! I read what catches my interest at this juncture; I wasn't looking for a particular topic but I will check out the bloggers you mention.

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