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Hi all,

Does anyone have recommendations for a property management app that makes managing tenants easier as well as features to keep investors updated?


@Yi Zhao That depends.  Do you want an actual app to use on your phone?  How many rentals do you have?  Do you want an app that manages expenses, 1099s, or just tenants?  If you are looking for all the bells and whistles at a cost I'd recommend Buildium.  If you are looking for as many functions as you can get for managing tenants and you only have 10 rentals or less I'd probably recommend tenantcloud or cozy.

I have 5 rentals but will increase dramatically this year. I'm looking for a web app, not necessarily a mobile app. Looking for as comprehensive a software as possible. 

Update: having features to keep investors updated on the numbers are very important for me.

I am interested as well. What do most of these softwares cost? I've seen some that allow banking info and online payments. Do they charge any type of transaction fees?

@Yi Zhao @Brandon Beatty - many PM softwares range from $40 - $x,xxx/month. It also depends on what activities you are actively involved in. Sales, property management, wholesaling... Could you provide more details? 

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