Google AdWords is the best marketing strategy for Real Estate.

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Google AdWords is the best choice to get buyer and seller leads for Real Estate. I´m open to addressing any questions you may have about Google AdWords and Real Estate.

What has your experience been like using Google AdWords? Are you running your own ads, and if so how long did it take you to cross the break-even point to were you're generating a positive ROI?

Hi Robert thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Would you mind elaborating how you would use AdWords to find renters? Would you create a listing (,,,, etc) and then use adwords to drive people to that listing? 

Thanks again!

Hello Angel-Ty Lebron,

My experience with Google AdWords and Real Estate has been very positive. The leads that you get from Google are much motivated than Facebook. The break even and positive ROI point vary a lot but I would suggest giving it at least 3 months.

Hello Grayson,

I wouldn´t use AdWords just for something small like a few renters because the management fee for Google AdWords and the budget for the clicks would eat up your profit. 

AdWords is feasable if you are going to find renters on a large scale, statewide, nationwide etc. You would need to have a large page with multiple renting options in each location in order to have success with AdWords. 

@Robert Samayoa Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope you don't mind that I have a follow up!

The other way that i have contemplated using Adwords is to find clients for my construction lending business. My target audience is very small and niche, contractors who build and sell spec homes in the state of Oregon. Although the audience is small, i have a large budget (say $3k per successful lead) for finding these clients. Would Adwords be a practical method? 

Thanks again!

Google Adwords for real estate agents always worked pretty well no doubt. What you do when you need something ? Turn on your laptop, open your browser and search in google right ? And where do you click first ? Obviously all of us go to the links that are on first page. That’s why i always say customers are always looking for you but if you are visible for them. Imagine you are a Real estate person in New york and there are hundreds of people probably looking for a real estate agent on daily basis in Google and if they can’t find you who’s is responsible for this ? Customers or You ? So make sure you keep yourself on the first page in order to generate massive leads. That’s what Google adwords ads do for you.

Great point! @Muhammad Hayat

Page 1 results generate 92% of all traffic from the average search. Nobody is really looking further than the 2nd page. Respectively paid traffic receives about %15 of the clicks on an average search. so being able to get in front of your potential customer is a must. Easit way to do this rather than waiting for SEO to kick in would be to utilize paid traffic. 

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