Apps I've Found Very Useful in my RE Biz

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Hey Everyone! 

I am new to using the bigger pockets forum but I love the podcast and listen every week. I have found a few cool apps recently and thought I would share a list of ones that have really helped me to learn and that have saved me time as an active real estate investor. 

1. Scannable by Evernote- (Free) I seriously love this app, I use it all the time! You can instantly create and email professional looking "scanned" documents with your phone. It's quick, easy and super convenient. Especially when trying to get financing, for example, with all the paperwork that needs to be done. I also use it to take and email myself copies of tenants leases or really any important document I want to have on hand.

2. Driversnote- (Free) I'm not a super organized person so I love any app that helps keep things straight. Since I always have my phone with me it makes it a bit easier to keep track of my KM's that I do for business.. it automatically tracks from my phone and asks if it was a business trip or personal.

3. Majic Plan- (First plan is free) I just discovered this app in preparation for our next renovation. It is so cool! It lets you easily create your floor plan in 2D and 3D so you can visualize and plan how you want to change/renovate the space. It also creates an estimate that I have sent out to my suppliers to get quotes for flooring/ windows ect.

4. Audible- ( About $13 a month- which gives you a credit for a free book every month) For those of you who don't seem to have time to sit down and read a book anymore... such as myself... Audible is awesome, I love listening to new books especially during certain renovation jobs, such as painting.. I listen a lot while driving to our out of town rental properties and its been so great. I have gained so much knowledge from real estate or general business books during times where I would otherwise be learning nothing!

5. Apple Podcasts- (Free) Of course I love this to listen to the BIGGER POCKETS podcast.. but I am sure you all know about this ;)

5. Pinterest- (Free) If you ever are looking for design inspiration Pinterest is always the #1 place I look.

6. Instagram- (Free) I never thought I would say that I have learned so much from a social media app but Instagram has been amazing for me. I meet other real estate investors and trades people every day on there. It is a very supportive and motivating network of people and I am so glad I joined it. I have gotten a lot of support and helpful advice from so many people. 

That's all I have for now. I hope it can help some of you... and if you have any others I would love to hear them! 


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Thank you for sharing! Excited to try some of these out :) 

I grew up in Saskatoon. Great town.

I agree Pinterest is awesome for design inspiration.

How do you find trades on instagram??

Throw in quickbooks for when it’s all over.

Small world, couple of Saskatoon folk in he same thread!

I’ll add my favourites here:

-adobe PDF reader. Free. Easy to sign docs this way. My on site guy now has an iPad for lease signings this way. Paperless

- property evaluator. I think I paid $20. Don’t start with the cheap ones, you get no credit when you ungraded in steps. Allows super quick property pro-forma creation that looks professional. I don’t pitch much these days but this is all you need for it.

- Dropbox. Again, paperless is so nice. The last two mortgages I’ve done the bankers both said it was amazing how fast I would have docs to them when they asked... all sorted in my Dropbox by property address.

@Brittany Arnason can you tell me a little more about Instagram? How it help you socializing with investors and meet them?


I'm a fan of Docusign.

It saves me so much time when selling REO's since I can sign agreements of sale, listing contracts, etc. all through my phone. I've even done leases and addendums to change the sale price on properties via Docusign

@Dave Van Horn

I am also a big fan of Docusign.  It saves me a ton of travel time and allows me to make offers more efficiently.

@Brittany Arnason - awesome list of apps - thank you! Majic Plan seems intersting and I might give that one a try.  

I'd add Podio (free) to the's great for a central repository of all deals you're analyzing (property address, links to Zillow, price, ARV, rehab $ and notes and so much more. I also really like the workflows embedded so you can assign tasks and keep track of deliverables per person, per project.

I use Trello for task/project management. Really hopes me organize things in one place. Best part is that its free to use, definitely recommend checking it out

@Christopher Finn

Also a big fan of Trello! We use it at my company for project management as well. 

It's really like a big Bulletin Board that everyone can access online and can be a great way to keep people on track with their goals.

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