Social Media Tactics for Real Estate Agents

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Every successful business understands the importance of utilizing social media. We are in an age now where not having an active Facebook Business or Twitter can directly result in lost sales and less revenue. It’s how professionals effectively reach their target audiences, and in no industry does that appear to be more important than real estate.

Being one of the biggest client-facing industries in the world, real estate is one that benefits the most from various social media platforms. It’s a people business, and reaching these people has been made significantly easier through Twitter campaigns, Facebook advertisements, and much more. The key is to use these methods wisely.

With that said, what are some of your go-to social media strategies when attempting to market your real estate business?

Before transitioning into hard money, I'd run Facebook ads to sales funnels that featured my listings to capture buyer leads. I also hosted webinars for sellers and ran Facebook Ads to those funnels. I've also used Messenger Bots to answer questions and engage with people who've taken quizzes.

Now I am focused on email marketing to my relationships with realtors and mortgage loan originators to teach them all about hard money and digital marketing. 

I rely heavily on facebook groups to rent my low rent properties. They high end homes cause a lot of push back and complaints but the low end homes rent within days from leads found in local facebook groups. 

Twitter is basically dead, I don't both with it. 

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