Property Management Software for 4 units (but more coming)

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Hi all,

I have 4 investment properties that I manage myself and def plan to have more in the future but will take a while to them up. I currently manage the properties w/ Google Docs and Sheets but would like to find software. Being a tech person, I def appreciate the value of software. 

I saw the list BP posted here:

I looked into Appfolio, which requires a min of 50 units. I also looked into Buildium, which costs $45 for 4 units, which is a bit too pricey for me right now.

Are there any software that's suitable for a beginner like me that only has 4 units?



I use LandlordMax for my ten units across two buildings.  It should have everything one would need. Tons of report features. 

Thank you for the suggestion Peter. I was looking for an online software that I can access through website or mobile app.

Originally posted by @Peter Sautter :

I use LandlordMax for my ten units across two buildings.  It should have everything one would need. Tons of report features. 

@Yi Zhao , you can check out a few that I've looked at that I consider to be nice - rentec direct & rentredi(the owner of this system is actually a member here on BP).

For managing your own properties my vote is for TenantCloud.  It's very user friendly, unlike most of them. And it offer online pay through Dwolla. And I think the basic monthly subscription is something like $9 a month.

I ran into the same issues when I was looking, because i have a smaller portfolio (mostly single family and multifamily rentals).

I met a rep from at one of my local investor meetings, and he was telling me about the software they are building. While they are relatively new, it was free for me to sign-up and try out, so I decided to give them a try.

It has been great thus far, considering it is the first time that i'm using a software to help me manage. They have been very responsive to my feedback and are quick to respond.

Definitely recommend giving their site a look.

Best of luck in your search!


@Yi Zhao , did you check cozy? It is a free online software that works great for a small portfolio. You can advertise your vacancies, communicate with tenants, receive online payments, track maintenance requests, etc. 

Not sure if I will use it for a large portfolio since it lacks some things that I like from other paid softwares; however, for a small portfolio it is great being free. You can start with this one and always upgrade to a more robust (and paid) software, if you ever feel the need. 

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Check out Innago and Unitdash. I have been trying both and am still on the fence but am leaning towards Unitdash as it allows me better tracking of bi-weekly payments, will mail letters for you, and doesn't require such an in depth set up process. Innago has a better user interface in my opinion, but they have a pretty in depth process to get initially set up and they are still growing their abilities so don't have bi-weekly rent payments as an option yet. (not to be confused with Semi-monthly which they do have).

Oh and both are free. Innago only charges to set up your tennants with auto pay which is very fair for everything they offer. Unitdash charges for some added services if you choose to use them (auto pay, mailing letters, texting through the app, etc...) which is also more than fair as the prices for those features is very low in my opinion. I think it's like $2 ish to mail a letter from the app. For me, saving the stamp and effort of printing and putting said letter in the mail is well worth $2ish.

I'm still trialing both options so i can't really give a clear winner one way or another, but either one is a great option in my opinion.

Hope this helps!

p.s. - I just started trying Cozy as well, but so far it seems to be primarily geared towards listings, screening, and rent payments but not so much focused on organization and management of your rentals. Just my initial thoughts though, still trying that one out too.

p.p.s - I posted this in another forum but i think it was deleted for some reason though I'm not sure why. I am not paid by either site and I didn't a link or anything. Anyways, hope this one stays up.

All good suggestions above, I've been trying lots of options over the past 6 months or so. Cozy seems to be the most popular and is functionally good, though I'm not in love with their UI or how tenants use it. My recent favorite is Roof—still kind of new it seems but they're building new features and improvements really quickly. Love it mainly because they have an amazing app for tenants (which actually seems a bit more complete than the landlord app so far) that even has features for tenants to use with roommates. My tenants LOVE it and making a good experience for them is a huge goal for my business. It costs $2/tenant which I'm fine with, though their customer support recently told me they're releasing a free option in the next few weeks where your tenants are simply charged a $2 transaction fee.

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