Looking for software/company that will send SMS blasts

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@Jack Mastrangelo

Are you certain you want to SPAM people who have not consented to be contacted and who may be in the do not call registry?

It can be an effective way to alienate potential clients ... when I receive such unsolicited communications, I make a point to add the sender to my list of folks with whom I will not do business.

Most companies that will send out a bulk SMS for you without you owning the list are outside of America because a law in 2003 made it very hard to send out SPAM messages without getting in trouble. My virtual assistant can send out 300 individual messages and I’ll have to field at least 30 calls or SMS replies. A report once found that 99% of text messages are read. That’s a pretty good open rate!!  If you’re not selling anything and respectful then you can find deals