Artificial Intelligence for your property management

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I want to thank the collective wisdom of bigger pockets community that enabled me to grow from 13 doors to 75 doors in 2 years while also holding a full time job in technology (I own and self manage these properties with a 50% partner).

I am currently working with a Silicon Valley startup to customize Artificial intelligence based systems to help property managers and tenants with security and other maintenance issues. Following are the issues where AI can help my job as a property manager. I appreciate any feedback you might have. I have also posted in marketplace forum with link to slidedeck and a survey. PM me if interested.

1) Impose rental occupancy limits: Notify if unit is sub-leased, has more occupants than on the lease, running a business or having regular parties in quiet hours.

2) Detect any loitering and prowling. Notify when police show up, when common area sprinkler goes off etc.,

3) Provide tenant with video feed of camera at his front door and send alerts if strangers show up or if there is any security issue like attempted breakin. This functionality is app based and is available remotely to the tenant.


1. I'm not sure how this would work without "spying" on tenants?

2. how do you determine a prowler from a guest?

3. To me it honestly seems like an unnecessary expense for a landlord and a potential invasion of privacy for a tenant.

I would not personally want to be a customer on either end but I wish you the best of luck.

Hi @aaron Klatt, Thanks for your reply and bringing up some relavent questions.

Our system collects anonymous intelligence with edge computing as oppoesed to a regular security systems that uploads video stream to cloud. Tenant has access to video and can upload to cloud, though an app, but landlord can't access that. 

Prowling and loitering is when you detect someone across multiple unit camera several times in a short span. If someone is trying to access a single unit, it's a guest, until that person attempts to break or kick the door.

As for the expense, most of my tenants would pay extra for a security system. Most of the times tenants are the people who are annoyed by 10 people living in 2 bed unit, someone running a business and taking up parking, annoying partying etc., As a property manager those are soft issues to me compared to say, eviction. However those are the type of things that make a apartment complex better and attract higher paying tenants as we rent up.


Suggest you focus on very private person or restricted HOA(gated). I am aware of these tools in the Valley that when there is a motion detected it is recorded and sent to iPhone for review by home owners. Gates already have monitored camera so that can be more refined. As for #3 the property manager wants to collect any tardy rent you provide a tenant a tool to alert them so not ans to call because of your presence. You can install on your 75 doors and see if it works for you. Most property companies handle several 100s units per person. I think the one that will work is to refine existing video camera data summary.

Sam Shueh

ROG Cupertino, CA

Hi Sam,

Agree refining existing camera system would be best if one exist for the property and extensive monitoring. However, we want to keep out of uploading videos to cloud for privacy reasons and we also don't want property management company paying for broadband connection to uload these videos. Locally stored and anylzed video is of 4k quality and has lot more information than a grainy upload.

In the case these is no existing camera monitoring for individual units ( most apartment complexes), our system builds the solution from scratch.


Thanks for sharing these thoughts. 

On 1. Not sure how you detect if a party is going on. Would it be the noise level? People have guests late at their place all the time. As long they are not disturbing others ... I wouldn't see it as a problem.

I like 3.

Thanks for the comment, Henri. I agree with you that property manager won't mind a non obstrusive party. Issue is when other tenants start complaining about noise and distrubance. In that case, you can enforce lease terms objectively without getting into he said, you said blame game.

I have a more detailed presentation of the technology.PM me if you are interested in looking at it.