What Do You Struggle With Most On Social Media?

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Excellent question, @Kelly Conley ! I'm curious to hear what others in real estate have to say about this issue, because I'd like to start using social media effectively as it applies to real estate investing.

My day job is doing lead generation for B2B companies using LinkedIn, and their biggest struggles are: cutting through the noise, getting clear on their messaging, finding their prospects on social media, creating systems/metrics to track what's working and not, and having someone to actually implement their strategy for them. 

Social media is definitely hard to keep up with...

I think what people struggle with the most is that they start posting a bunch on Social Media for a few weeks, don't see any results (or run out of content) and then just get frustrated with the lack of engagement and stop posting altogether.

Social media definitely takes persistence and a well though-out content strategy.

I have personally found Instagram to be much more engaging than audiences on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

@Kelly Conley Trying to understand enough of the details to successfully generate my own leads on Facebook.  

When I try, I'm faced with choices I don't really understand with explanations that use vocabulary I don't understand.  

It feels like I got dropped in some foreign land and am tasked with building a nuclear reactor.

I’m biased since I’ve been involved with social media marketing for 10+ years and I have a large following but I think social media can be a great tool to network, build contacts and even source deals. The biggest challenge I see with most people is coming up with good content and keeping people engaged.