I put this on my FB page, and it really encouraged a lot of people to really think about taking action in ways they hadn't thought of yet.

This past January, Ashley Murphy and I got serious with the talks of her quitting her full time J.O.B. She was scared obviously, but with all things in our relationship, she trusted me and my #FearlessPursuitOfFreedom.

We made the jump as most of you know, to build a bigger, better business, fueled by 2 passionate people. We also did it for the freedom to travel at will.

In January I went on a cruise to the Caribbean, contracted a deal, waved my wand and Bam, $20k assignment later, my eyes were opened to the concept of less work, more living..... but how? Hell, Ive been on another half dozen or so vacations/networking trips since Jan. Thanks Corey Moody for the help on this one, btw.

After this, I jokingly mentioned to Ashley that by the time she quits, she may not have anything to do within the company if I can figure out how to work less and outsource more of my daily tasks.

Fast forward 6 months, while I haven't figured out how to not work at all, I have outsourced almost all desktop, minimum wage tasks....

Every day, I get emails similar to this one below from my VA team in the Philippines. This is only a small portion of what they do for me daily. SEO, Video/Audio editing, data scrubbing, to name a few. I use to stay up until 2am every single day to do BS tasks, just to keep the deals coming. Now I concentrate on being the visionary in the company while having others do the implementation of my "Vision".

As I am typing this, I'm watching my VA's on a separate laptop in my office skip tracing high equity foreclosures. I built in an independent WIFI network so that the laptop can register my IP address while they work from the Philippines.

I'm currently working on more training videos for them to have them doing more things, one of which include about 45k emails a month.

I can literally be on vacation now and not stress a bit, I don't check my laptop every 2 seconds, I don't typically return emails or many calls at all. My contractors grab material at will and use text2pay. I pay them via paypal, venmo, walmart2walmart or some other form of online payments as projects are completed.

I have a solid buddy take my calls via a team phone service routed through multiple call systems and he also views houses while I'm gone for a split of the deal. I'll be doing the same for him when he goes on his vacations as well. EZ PZ lemon squeezy!

Short term goals: ramp up marketing, build more systems, wholesale more houses, stack more cash and buy passive income investments.....

Why you say? Duh, for the Freedom to do what I feel like we were all meant to do. WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK!

It hasn't been a bed of roses however, I've failed, lost friends, lost time, shafted by countless contractors, lost and ran out of money, and a multitude of other problems, but what one hell of an Ride!!!

Coming up on 6 years now with no BOSS telling me what to do, kinda legit.