Question About Podio

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In Podio, when creating Apps, is it possible to reference data from one App in a different App? 

Say I have an App for collecting information for new contacts, we can call it "Contacts".  

Say I wanted a separate App that is for tracking my communication with each person. It would date and time stamp each time I put in new information from an email, text, phone call, meeting with that contact.  Can I reference maybe a Drop Down Menu of those "Contacts" or anything like that?  Or do I have to recreate all those contacts in that separate new App?

Yes.  In your communications app you would have a relationship field that points to the Contacts app.  You would also want to set up the reference layout on the Contacts app so that you can see the specific fields of interest for the contact while you are in the Communications app. 

@Bill Carovano    Do I have to make a fresh Contacts App for each Workspace or can I move the same one around to each Workspace or cross-reference between apps?