Mojo Dialer Reviews?? Do you like it??

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Any Wholesalers or Agents out there using Mojo Dialer to call prospective leads? I am looking to ramp up my marketing and I am considering using their services. Let me know what you think! How is their Reverse Phone Number look up? Are you finding success with it?


Hey @Scott Graham

I actually prefer IMO, PhoneBurner has a more user friendly interface, along with a more customizable contact attributes. 

Pricing is straight forward & all inclusive at $149/mth, whereas Mojo's can be a little cheaper, or more expensive, depending on additional services you sign up for. 

If you decide to go with Mojo, personally, I would shy away from the "Triple Line" dialer, and go with the "Single Line" dialer. Triple Line dialer is where they employ 3 lines to call 3 phone numbers at the same time, then connects the call when someone picks up. But this has the notable "Telemarketers" pause that the receiver hears. 

I didn't use Mojo's reverse # look up during my trial period, since I have a skip tracer who does that for us.

Test both platforms out and see which you prefer.

I can say from the receiving end I would never do business with anyone who robo calls me LOL hate that.

Originally posted by @Pratik P. :

@Jay Hinrichs Mojo isn't a robocaller or "voice broadcast". It's an actual cold calling software so you talk to a real person when you pick up :D

 Ok big boiler rooms of telemarketers.. to me its all the same .. although I used to have my own telemarketers in Oregon to solicit timber lands.. it was quite effective in the 90s .. timberlands on their face are rural.. so the normal telemarketers never really hit the people in the country.. and not every one lived on a cell phone.. 

and so my target folks hardly ever got a call.. and many times you could not get them off the phone.. :)  but now with these services capturing your phone number its uber annoying.. 

I got on the Hilton grand vacations because I am a top tier at HIlton and they were calling me 3 to 4 times a day.. I finally called into HIlton honors and told them they either remove me or I will not longer be a Hilton honors and will stay somewhere else.. that got it done I was removed.. 

I'm not trying to be confrontational but I'm curious- is this a viable and legal option?  Most people I know are on the do not call list so if you're following the the law you would only be able to dial those not on the list right?

@Scott Graham   We use to use mojo it is a really good product. That being said I like that you went a different route.  If anyone has the budget I'd stay away from cold calling.   It's great for budget restricted startups and we definitely got deals from it but direct mail or other marketing is easier to scale.  (cold calling is scalable but deal with the upset people is a headache, way worse than the upset people that get post cards)

As @Jay Hinrichs mentioned people hate it even more than getting a postcard.  Our only bad reviews have come from upset people that we called and once the reviews hit facebook try to get rid of them. (especially when you don't ask for good reviews there is no buffer)  

@Jim S.   Mojo allows to scrub against the dnc so that part can be easily managed.  There is but you are correct there is still some gray area though using auto dialers whether its robo dialing, ringless voicemail, auto texting or even cold calling with auto dialers.  It's definitely something people should look into before doing any of these things.  They are getting pushed in many of the guru courses and I'm not saying people shouldn't ever use them but just know that there has been some fines handed out and I believe they can be up to 500 per offense.  Think of a person that autodials 10k people that potentially could be devastating if fined for each call, text, rvm or whatever.    

One lawyer might say its fine and one might say stay away from anything automated.  I think auto calling from a product like mojo might be ok especially if only using single line but it's definitely worth looking into further.  People using text, rvm and robocalls should really at least check into it.  Especially if they are blasting people for first contact.

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Originally posted by @Scott Graham:

Any Wholesalers or Agents out there using Mojo Dialer to call prospective leads? I am looking to ramp up my marketing and I am considering using their services. Let me know what you think! How is their Reverse Phone Number look up? Are you finding success with it?


We used to have it. It was July when we shifted to a different dialer which is Calltools.  It can receive incoming calls but is a bit pricey. It has an option to scrub contacts against those on Federal and their internal Do Not Call lists @Jim S.   

With my current team of both offshore VAs and in-house team, we delegate initial filter to our VAs in the Philippines. They then deliver the leads to us so my local team can still follow up on closing the deal as they know more about the market. We have been very successful in this kind of set up that we were able to expand to another state for wholesaling. 

 Hey Andrew, 

I'm looking into getting a VA. Do you mind sharing how you got started with you and where I could start looking?

using technology for efficient outbound communication to the world is direct action oriented, starting with the tele-phone invented in the 1800's i think.....anyone afraid of initiating talking usually criticizes it, because they cant do it. it's a skill, and the foundation of real estate transaction.

Using technology to wait for inbound calling is less action oriented, indirect, passive, but can also support your efforts to connect with the outside world too.

there is nothing more action oriented and direct and scary than picking up the phone to initiate a conversation.  

technology that weeds out busy's, drops a voice mail, and allows you to do less manual labor with your fingers, and outsource-able is brilliant..

(mojo single line)

@Andrew LeBaron with CallTools, what is your workaround for multiple numbers for one lead. I believe if you have 2 numbers for 1 lead it will count as 2 leads. So if the first number was contacted the system will still have the lead as a new lead with the second number or 3rd number.


@Garreton Smith - did you ever get started with VA's? I have just one I use from the Philippines. It was one of those things where I began seriously researching about using va's, [V.A.] and an oppty for a warm introduction came into my email. I followed up, and she still works for me today - going on 3 years.

Before I found her, I thoroughly researched via YouTube 'university', so, I was pretty close to ready to 'pull the trigger'... 

A QUICK Summary for you -

       Seems the Philippines people are esp. compatible with western culture; Plus, eager to please and loyal to stay with you.  I use Remitly for free to pay her in USD that gets converted to her currency.  I keep track of her time via Time Doctor.  We communicate and trade files over Skype and email too, of course. 

The only thing I didn't experience in hiring her, is going through an agency, or Philippines Craigslist to hire since it was a warm lead.  

She started with me at $1.25 hr...I asked her what she wanted to get paid once she was fully trained, she said $3 per hour.  Over the course of the year, I raised her to $3 incrementally.  She was just a house-mom with a degree and experience in Excel, Word, and general other skills, so I had to train her to my needs.  At times was a little slow esp. in beginning, but all well worth it now!  If I needed to replace, I'd research where to find my own rather than go through a service, UNLESS I needed someone highly skilled and couldn't seem to find that person on my own. 

I hope this helps someone who might be searching for Virtual Assistants, as this thread is a little stale! lol

BTW, I don't have her take calls or anything, although she probably could, but she's a little soft-spoken.  I also let her work her morning and day hours, which means I often interact with her during my evening hours which is fine with me.  If I send her tasks during the night, sometimes if she's awake, she'll work on them. =)