Web Policy Recommendations

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Hi BP:

I am creating a landing page both for people looking to rent from us but also from potential deal leads. Not very sophisticated on this so here's what I am thinking...

1. Manage content through wordpress. I am open to other vendors just have some small experience with wordpress. 

2. Have a home page that has minimal content

3. Have a rent from us page that links to our active listings with cozy.co

4. Have a sell your home page that allows people to submit a form with qualifying questions.

Want to keep it super basic to start with, how does all of that sound?

The big unknown for me is what documents do I need published on the site? Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc? Also, recommended cheap (or better yet... free) vendor to get some of that stuff?


Wordpress or Wix works well for a simple website.

If you’re posting a form, a privacy policy is a good idea, but no one is really going to bother you if you don’t have one.

But make sure you aren’t collecting much past name, email and phone. If you’re trying to do an online application or something, don’t. You don’t want the hassle of securing that type of information online.