Best Real Estate Specific Tech... that no one knows about

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There are a ton of "big names" that have been mentioned on these forums repeatedly. Wondering if there are any niche, unorthodox, or emerging technologies that people use that they are really excited about.

Here's a non-real estate example: I love using Breaker for podcasts, it has a ton of potential and a lot of the key features I want in a podcasting platform, still some bugs and kinks to work out, but I'm excited about being an early user. 

Big names include, not limited to: MileIQ, Quickbooks, Property Radar, Google suite, Whats App, Dropbox, OneNote/Evernote, Trello, IFTTT.

Hi Eric, 

As far as real estate specific tech, take a look at Invictus - 

They provide digital access control for multi-family properties, including keyless entry from mobile app, remote entry, video chatting, temporary access codes, etc. Makes for a great experience for the residents, and more efficiency for the owner/management. It adds another layer of security, and it's also much easier when dealing with resident turnover, instead of having to chase down keys and fobs or spend the money to get them remade all the time. 

Disclaimer, I work with them :)

Hope that helps!


Quite literally haha

They have some useful stuff for free. I also find Asana to be a great website to track tasks and closings for the Realtor side of things. 

@Eric Hornung

I have spent the last 12+ years in apartment tech. and know most of the tech. solutions out there. I say the newest one that has had a direct impact on my investing is produced by RP. - Anyways, it will give you actual rents in most metros. Now you can see occupancy and in-place rents along with other great data.

Did I mention that it's FREE!! Hope this is useful.