Move In/Out Inspections Process and Softwares

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We are in the process of revamping/improving our Inspection process. Anyone mind sharing their process for Move In/Out Inspections as well as Annuals. How are you documenting results? Spreadsheets? -Do you include repair values or rates on this or have separate sheet for rates? Software Solution? -I came across HappyCo but we are just to small of an operation (19 units) at this point to justify a $499 monthly cost. Are there any other softwares that offer something similar? Are most talking pictures/videos to document conditions of property as well? We were planning on doing so and uploading to Dropbox folders. All feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks Tyler
@Tyler Aube I can't say much about the process because I was working for a public housing authority at the time and I was mainly evaluating the software aspect. That said the authority was making a move from Happy to Tenmast. Both solutions seem a bit overboard for a 16 unit operation but the software did have mobile apps to complete the inspections with. Honestly if you have some specific requirements you might want to try throwing something up on fiver