Need Help Understanding Social Media Kits

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We are at the beginning stages of starting our business - getting business cards, etc.  and we chose to go with Fiverr on these projects at the recommendation of others.  Well, I am having a hard time communicating with a particular Fiverr vendor because of the language barrier.  It seems like he doesn’t completely understand instructions etc.  Well, after SEVERAL back and forth attempts to get it right (due to the language barrier), we’ve finally gotten a logo completed, but the package I purchased also came with a social media kit (along with 3-d logo, logo transparency, stationary designs, and source file).  I understand, from googling only, what a media kit is.  Well, his first question was what type of media kit do you want...I had no idea, so I told him to send me samples of what he had to offer.   Well, I felt pretty silly because his response was “Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram”.  I’m thinking he had different kit layouts etc. from which I could choose.  Well, I chose Instagram, thinking it might make more since to me once I chose the platform.  He then proceeded to send me two files that ONLY consisted of different sizes of the logo.  That’s not what a social medi kit looked like on Google - it was like a whole pamphlet of information and pics.  I knew he wouldn’t be able to provide the content for a SM Kit, but I figured I’d at least get a template with some images to insert and I would complete the langauge for the kit on my own.  I only got pics of the logo - that’s it!  I’m so confused right now, and thought I’d reach out to the BP family to get some insight before I question him about what he last sent. I’m hoping to try to get enough understanding so that I can sound like I know just a LITTLE bit of what I’m talking about.  I’m feeling pretty ignorant to this whole SM kit thing and need some help!  This has been one tedious process and I just want it over but also want to make sure I’m getting everything I’m supposed to for my money.    Please help!!!

Hey @Lisa Parker , I hope Nick was able to help you out. Let me know if you still need help with anything about systems, tools, and strategies for your business. I remember the time when we were still starting out and we were so confused with all of this. We have been doing this for years now and we have found a good strategy that works well. DM me

@Andrew LeBaron looks like you're killing it! Goodluck!