Software Developer with RE Tech Ideas. Could it help?

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Hey BP,

I'm a software developer of 5+ years but have no experience in Real Estate. I have always been

fascinated with investing. This year I began saving to finally take the plunge and started doing

my research a couple months ago. It's been a very exciting couple months and I'm actively looking

for my first deal.

Still my technical side comes out everyday and I think of tools I can build to assist in my search for a deal.

I see so many opportunities to improve or simplify investors processes/business through the use of simple code.

I've recently wanted to build my own notification system to be notified of when new properties show up in MLS

that fit my current criteria.

Of course I've read a lot of great deals don't come from MLS and can happen more organically. I figure

most experienced investors have their own process for tracking deals. I'm curious about others experiences,

do you have your own unique notification system? Is such a tool useful? Why do you like your process or

what would you automate?

If anyone has ideas or would like to chat with a technical person about your issues I'd be glad to speak.

Ideas range from automation, full applications, search tools, tracking tools, etc.

It would be great to hear others experiences, concerns, and bottlenecks. I do own a small software business

but I'm not really here to promote (especially since this isn't the place) so I'll leave those details out.

If you made it this far. Thanks for reading!

@Eric Ruiz

I am in a similar position to you. Software developer always trying to find ways to ply my trade in real estate.

Truth is, after a few years of experience with this, there are not a ton of technical needs people have that aren't outpaced by their need to walk more neighborhoods and meet more people. This is still a very old school business. A couple hours of meeting people and getting into physical space are worth a few days of remote deal analysis. Don't worry brother, I feel your pain having a little less to offer here.

The best use I have found for my tech skills: connections, and connections with money. Software engineers and people in the field often have reasonable amounts of money to invest. These are great people to involve as financial partners or private lenders.

@Eric Ruiz You might find this program helpful.  I joined it last Spring, and launched a new business in the real estate space about two months ago.  Their methodology for finding viable product ideas worked well for me:

And if you find an idea that you'd like to collaborate on, let's talk.  I've written 100% of my product code, and also do sales and marketing for my current product.

Best of luck!