CRM System Advice - Recommendations?

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Hello BP World. I have offered advice on Non-Performing Loans, the Foreclosure Process, and Real Estate in General, but I am seeking advice from all of you in the BP world. We need to upgrade our CRM. We do not wholesale real estate, but we do have our own brokerage. We also have non-real estate related sites that we want to integrate into one CRM that we can "cross-pollinate" a bit. Formerly, we used Commissions Inc for the real estate side and we loved the CRM portion (particularly the ability to text (SMS) to clients from the laptop), but we found it quite expensive and it didn't adapt to our design and consulting sides. We've developed a landing page with an IDX feed for our real estate customers to search the MLS. We also have two "personal branding" pages that are used for non-real estate related things. We need a system that will allow us to house an email list, allow us to text individually and in bulk, allow us to email and use drip campaigns, and allow us to segment the customers per type (real estate buyer, real estate seller, interior design client, etc). Those texts and emails would need to allow us to embed links to our pages for purchasing products, go to a particular property, go to the consulting landing page, etc. We do want to have a system where we can have the conversations and notes saved in an archive to be reviewed. I'm not as worried about a system that allows us to use the real estate IDX to allow the customer to search listings. My questions is this: What CRM might meet our needs in a cost-effetive manner. I appreciate the community's help. Thanks, Doug Smith