How much are you paying your virtual assistant?

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How much are you paying your virtual assistant? What are the type of tasks you are asking them to do? Where are they from.

We are buy and hold investors - so any suggestion of how to leverage a VA would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Priya Thomas and @Mohammad (Asad) Asaduddin , we pay a monthly fee and we get access to a team of virtual assistants with different skills and specializations. It's not an individual virtual assistant but you get a project manager and VAs so you don't need to worry about attrition, rehiring, and retraining. The results are great and we can't imagine doing our operations without them. Send me a message if you're interested to know more. I'll be happy to give you more tips.

@Andrew LeBaron , looks like you have it figured out. Good luck!

@Andrew LeBaron I have a list of over 1400 tax delinquent properties by serial number that I need to pull additional info from county assessor site (addresses, years delinquent, type of property, years owned, etc), and get phone numbers. I'm thinking the manual pull of additional info from county assessor would be a great task for VA.

Was wondering if I should use VA for finding phone numbers, and if I would need to subscribe to some service for them to use? I'm just getting started and I work full-time, so if I could spend less time pulling info and more time talking to potential sellers, I will progress faster.

Also - how do you find your VA's? Sorry if that's a total newbie question.


Thank you @Andrew LeBaron . I just heard of Upwork this morning on the BP Podcast with Tom Kroll. I will check it out! 

My list indicates which properties are delinquent multiple years. Of the 100 properties I've looked up on the county site, I've found that about half are commercial properties or tiny plots of land - not worth calling. I also like to see when it was purchased so I don't call people who just bought the property, and likely have paid the taxes but it just isn't updated on the county website. This info is all well organized in one spot and only adds maybe 30 seconds to the search for the address, so I figure it's better to weed these out during my address search than spend the money to get a phone number, and the time spent calling or following up. Also, I can see who is 3 or 4 years delinquent rather than 2, as I'm guessing those may be hotter leads. Hopefully by doing this I won't miss out on any leads or spend my time unwisely. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

Thanks again!

@Jeremy Baxter I also recommend Upwork and have used it for many types of projects. The list of tax delinquent properties that you mentioned sounds like a good opportunity to list as a one-time project. With this, you can pay a fixed rate for the project and have freelancers bid for the price. I like to look for freelancers that have good reviews, but little experience (<100 hours). I find that these freelancers typically put in the most competitive bids to get reviews on the platform. If you like the work of the freelancer you select, you can always message them later and ask them if they would like to do more work for you. Good luck!